Our ENet fork just got an update!

Vladyslav Hrytsenko
Vladyslav Hrytsenko

Hi there!

We have a quick update regarding our ENet fork of the famous UDP game networking library.

With the release of 2.3.4 version of zpl.enet, we finally migrated the library to our GitHub-Actions based pipeline.

This approach allows us to handle new pull requests and updates even faster.

Furthermore, we incorporated a few minor patches from the community, some of which are pretty nifty!

We are continuing to support the stable version of the library. And we hope even more people will find the library helpful!

Another cool thing is that recently, the library got forked by https://github.com/dosbox-staging/enet, and the community even provided some valuable fixes for the library.

Thank you for all the efforts :tada:

See you next time!